FAQs About GD360

    What is GD360's Coaching Bandwidth ?
    - Ability to concurrently Coach > 1,000 Global Execs (Note: 1 Coach can Coach > 50 Execs each Month @ 2 Hours per session x 2 sessions)
    - Leveraging our Global & Pan-India Network of 250+ Coaches, of whom 100+Coaches are based across India

    Why does GD360 also use Global Coaches ?
    -Do you really want frank and fearless feedback ?
    -Do you want to be pushed towards achieving your goals ?
    -Do you plan to work for a Multi-National at any time ?
    -Do you plan to travel abroad / work there any time ?
    -Do you currently / plan to interact with overseas Execs ?
    -Do you wish to become more assertive and creative ?

    How does GD360 ensure Confidentiality ?
    -ALL Coach panelists are signatories of the Code of Ethics of ICF / other leading Coaching Associations
    -ALL our Coach Panelists sign off on a Legal Non-Disclosure Ageement
         -GD360 does NOT deploy ex-Employees on Client accounts
-GD360's Coaches are assigned ONLY to one Exec at each client (eg 10 Coaches for 10 Execs)
    -Discussions between the Coachee and the Coach will NOT be divulged to the Sponsor/Client.

    What is the recommended Session Duration ?
         - Face-to-Face sessions – Min 1.5 Hrs / Max 4 Hrs
    - Video sessions – Min 1 Hr / Max 2 Hrs
    - Tele sessions – Min 30 mins / Max 60 Mins

    How can we measure the Effectiveness of Coaching ?
    - Effectiveness is often measured by comparing the results of 360 degree surveys conducted ‘just before’ and ‘3-6 months’ after the commencement of a
    coaching engagement. A far better measure is to periodically review  to day interaction indicators between the Coachee and the stakeholders’…

    How do you avoid potential Conflict of Interest ?
    - We will not pursue a Sponsor’s agenda that is detrimental to the career of a Coachee.
    - Likewise, we will not support a Coachee’s agenda that is detrimental to the business of the Sponsor. Refer to Agenda…
    - We will not ‘personally coach’ individuals working for our Corporate Clients, since such individuals will in most cases be planning for another career ‘

    What type of Coaches would you recommend for Expats ?
    - Inbound-Expats are best coached 80:20 by India based Coaches & Global Coaches
    - Outbound Expats are best coached 80:20 by Global Coaches & India based Coaches Coaches

    When are Face-to-Face Sessions essential ?
    - Ideal for initial rapport building; Observation (shadow coaching) during Board Meetings / Business Reviews / Coachee Presentations etc

    What should be the Frequency of Coaching Sessions ?
    - Weekly-Works only for 'highly driven' individuals looking for a 'crash course' (3 Months)
    - Fortnightly-Recommended in most cases, works when the agenda is a combination of short term & long term (6 Months)
    - Monthly-Works when the agenda is ONLY long term (12 Months)
    - Note: The Frequency is best determined on a ‘case to case’ basis

    What do we do IF the "Training Budget" is insufficient to accomodate Executive Coaching ?
    - Ideally, needs to come equally from the SBU as well as HR to ensure that the Coaching Agenda gives equal weightage to 'Business Objectives' and
    'Development Needs'

    When are GlobalCoaches the ideal choice ?
    *Ongoing support for Indian Execs being posted overseas
    *Ongoing support for Indian Execs dealing with overseas clients
    *Huge savings in lieu of taking-  an Indian Coach overseas
    *No uncertainty of visas for Indian Coaches

    What Guarantee is there that Executive Coaching will work ?
    - No Coach can guarantee that behaviours or results will improve - Willingness rather than Capability, of the Coachee, is often what makes the difference in
    the results of a Coaching Relationship

    What are the Risks in Coaching Hi-Pots ?  
    - Often invest in ‘personal coaching’ / skill development to give them an edge over their peers. However,they are most likely to become ‘entrepreneurs’ or
    seek greener pastures, IF the Sponsor cannot   create an ‘ innovation culture’ or plot a clear career path.

    What Industries do GD360's Coaches have industry experience on ?
    *Auto *Retail *Media *Ratings *Banking *Telecom *Logistics *Info.Tech *Securities *HiTech.Mfg. *Health Care *ProcessControl

    What is GD360's Communication Infrastructure ?
    - We subscribe to the Top 3 Video Conferencing Services (1) Cisco's Webex (2) Citrix's GoToMeeting (3) Adobe's Connect. We also have "Local" Numbers in
    US, UK, ZA, HK, AU besides at Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune

    What are the Inputs that you use ?
    - ‘360 degree feedback’,
    - Employee Satisfaction Survey,
    - Customer Satisfaction Survey,
    - Exit Interviews of Team Members,
    - ‘Career Plan’,
    - ‘Goals & Metrics’,
    - Last 3 Appraisals etc.
    - Personality Assessments MBTI, TKI,LSI, DISC etc

    What Languages do your Coaches speak ?
    - Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German,   Japanese, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Marati, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil,

    What would be the recommended Location for FaceToFace sessions ?
    - On-site -for back to back sessions
    - Off-site- for ‘uninterrupted’ sessions / confidential initiatives

    Can we stop Mentoring for Execs undergoing Coaching ?
    - Coaching is NOT a substitute for Mentoring - the two are complementary.

    What is GD360's Methodology ?
    - We follow Columbia University’s Coaching methodology that is aligned to International Coach Federation (ICF)

    What type of Execs should be "nominated" for Coaching?
    Coaching initiatives are successful ONLY when they have a positive image within the organization:
    (a) as a reward for Top Performers
    (b) as a perk for ALL senior execs at the same Location / Level
    Note: We do NOT take up ‘out-placement’ assignments i.e. for poor performers on the verge of being fired

    Is there any "oversight" over the Coaching undertaken by GD360's Coaches ?
    - GD personally oversees ALL our Coaching Assignments

    ?  Rationale:     
    - Implementation Support, Fearless Observer, Best Practices, Sounding Board etc

    What sort of Reporting can we expect from GD360 ?
    - Milestone reporting, as agreed in the coaching contract signed by the Sponsor, Client and Coachee will be done periodically.

    Does GD360 plan to organize any Retreats ?
    - From 2013, we plan to organize ‘weekend retreats’ for small groups of CxOs, across organizations

    What is the typical "Lead Time" for Scheduling sessions ?
    - For Face-To-Face sessions – at least 2-4 weeks in advance        
    - For Video sessions              – at least 2-3 days in advance
    - For Telecons                        - at least 1-2 day in advance

    When is Shadow Coaching most appropriate ?
    - On-site - for meetings with internal stakeholders/ Client visits
    - Off-site- in conjunction with our Global Panel for Coachee visits to Client sites / on-site team meetings

    Who should be the Sponsor ?
    - Normally, a visionary VC, CEO or SBU Head who seeks to develop himself / the next level of Execs

    Will GD360 "Takeover" an on-going Coaching Engagement mid-way,  from another Coach ?
    In line with our Ethics Code, we will takeover Coaching engagements midway, ONLY if                     
    (a) the previous Coach gives his consent in writing
    (b) for reasons of emigration, relocation, reemployment, illness etc

    What is the recommened Tenure (length) of Coaching ?
    - 12 Months – esp for Level 1 Execs e.g. C-Level Execs, Partners
    -  6 Months – esp for Level 2 Execs e.g. VPs, Directors, GMs etc
    -  3 Months – esp for Level 3 Execs e.g. Dy GMs, AVPs etc
    Note: The more senior the Exec, the longer the tenure !

    What are your Timings ?
    FaceToFace Sessions: 9am-6pm India Time, Mon-Fri
    Video/Tele Sessions: 9am-9pm India Time, Mon-Sat
    Note: We offer local time support globally, leveraging our global panel

    Mentor Coaching:
    - We are capable of Training ‘HR & Line’ Managers as ‘Internal Coaches’, leveraging our Global Panel of Certified Coaches. This is useful to bring about a
    ‘coaching culture’ within the organization.
    Note: Most senior Execs prefer an External Coach for fear of confidentiality

    - Our ‘blended’ rates cover Travel Costs for our India based coaches.
    -  However, please provide for Premium-Economy/Business Class Tickets and 4-5 Star Hotels for our Global Coaches travelling to India.

    Weekend Support:      
    Saturdays – sessions can be arranged
    Sundays    -  only emergency sessions- Face-to-Face sessions – Min 2 Hrs

FAQs About Coaching

By Sponsors

Myth: "Executive Coaching is meant only for VPs, Directors & GMs"
GD: Even Jack Welch ex CEO of GE had a CEO Coach, Ram Charan  
An organization is the lengthened shadow of one man (the CEO) - change has to start at the Top !

Myth: "Exec Coaching will improve Customer & Employee Satisfaction"
GD: NOT unless internal metrics and rewards systems change

Myth: "Exec Coaching will reduce Leadership attrition"
GD: More Execs will quit their jobs after coaching, IF Structures, Policies and Peers do not change

Myth: "Executive Coaching will assure you 700% ROI"
GD: ROI will equally depend on changes in the workplace environment. ROI could range from 0 to 10000% i.e. 100x


Myth: "All Execs need the same Structure, Mode, Duration, Frequency of Executive Coaching"
GD: Smart Execs "get the message" sooner ! That's why Exec Coaching ranges from 3-12 months

Myth: "A single Exec Coach can address All the Business+Executive+Career Coaching needs of an Exec"
GD: Rarely. Imagine a Family Physician who claims to be a Brain & Heart Surgeon as well :-)

Myth: "Indian Execs are ONLY comfortable with Face to Face sessions"
GD: Initially Yes. But over the past decade, Indian Execs have become accustomed to Video/Tele Confs with Global clients / teams !

Myth: "HR should be kept informed about coaching discussions"
GD: How is that possible, when Execs primarily seek External Coaches to ensure 'confidentiality'.
IF any Coach does so, he will be contravening ICFs Code of Ethics

Myth: HR should have an active ongoing role during Coaching
GD: IF the choice is between Control and Outcomes, what would you choose ? The more qualified and experienced the Coach, the lesser control they will
accept ! At the end of the day Organizations recognize "facilitators" NOT "administrators".  
By Coachees

Myth: Exec Coaching will eliminate the need for Mentoring & Training
GD: Arguably there is some overlap - 1:1 Mentoring is invaluable during the induction / transition phase given that most organizations
have more unwritten rules than written rules. Moreover, Group Training is the most cost effective way to disseminate knowledge.

Myth: Coaching is perceived in India as remedial for underachievers
GD: Per-capita 1:1 Coaching is 10x more expensive than Training. Why would any organization want to spend so much on an underachiever?
References / Links

* It's Not About The Coach - Marshall Goldsmith

* Top 10 Myths About Executive Coaching - Dr.Susan Battley
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